So what’s the reason behind the name, PALE BLUE? The answer is simple. When a fire is managed properly, complete combustion is achieved. When complete combustion is achieved, the fire burns clean. When the fire burns clean, cleaner flavors are achieved in BBQ. At this stage, the smoke turns a Pale Blue color.

The bitter, acrid flavors from the wood are no longer present. That’s why when you eat Pale Blue’s fine smoked meats, you notice that they’re not super smokey. This is why. It’s the level of detail we put into fire management – the most important aspect of cooking with a live fire.

Treat smoke like a seasoning.


Barbecue is an instinctive, rugged method of cooking. From splitting wood, to tending a live fire, and butchering massive cuts of meat. It’s a primal pursuit, that has been toiled over and refined for centuries. The core methodologies haven’t changed much. But the presentation and the processes have.

So much care has been taken to heighten the BBQ Experience to an unprecedented level. From digging deep into the flavor profiles of firewood, to the muscular structure of a raw piece of pure protein. From experimenting with spices and rubs to perfecting sauce recipe. That’s the BBQ Experience. That’s what Pale Blue is all about.

It’s about so much more than a great sandwich or a slow-smoked stack of chicken wings. It’s about family, friends, and fellowship. It’s about getting together to enjoy food that’s good for the soul. It’s about learning the science of fire, the importance of sourcing locally, and eating like you mean it. It’s about community, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

So dig in. We’ll see you at the barbecue.

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