Who We Are

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Pale Blue Smoking Co. is the premier fast-casual Barbecue Restaurant & high-end Catering company based in Gladwin, MI. Pale Blue specializes in large & small event catering, mobile pop-ups, and good old fashioned BBQ parties.


All of our BBQ is cooked with a live-fire, using locally sourced hardwoods on our custom offset smoker.

We search for the highest quality meat we can find, and patiently season it with Pale Blue Smoke. Then we pair the smoked goods with signature sides and sauces. At Pale Blue Smoking Co., we feel that BBQ is best enjoyed together. So we built our business to be mobile, and agile. So we can go where the party is, and the party can follow us.

Brandon and Becky
Pale Blue founders, Brandon and Becky Hodgins.

Pale Blue Smoking Co. was founded by Husband and Wife team, Brandon and Becky Hodgins. Together, they manage all aspects of the business, from organizing events, and mastering the pit, to hand-whipping heavy cream for a dessert bar and shredding every head of cabbage for a batch of coleslaw. It’s important for us to stay plugged in to the process, not only to maintain the standard we’ve set – but to be sure that our own personality comes through in the food we serve.

We both grew up in Gladwin, MI. It was nearly a decade ago when we really became focused on food. Where can we find better quality ingredients? What can we grow for ourselves? How can we make sure we’re feeding our kids quality, nutritious food? We set out on a quest to find the answers. This newfound focus quickly turned into a passion. Then BBQ came into the picture. We fell in love with the rugged elements of cooking with a live fire. We fell in love with the product we were able to create. We fell in love with sharing our food with others.

Out of passion for sharing the BBQ Experience – Pale Blue Smoking Co. was born.




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